Sentral Education

school and student management software

Sentral Education is a subsidiary of GP Technology Solutions Pty Ltd which began in 1998 having identified a need for affordable, quality technology services in the NSW education sector.

The company commenced operations as a network and technical support provider. The primary focus was providing advice and expertise on networking, workstation imaging, server setup and maintenance in NSW K-12 schools. Our trademark is a customer-orientated attitude and willingness to go out of our way to ensure customer satisfaction. Our exemplary reputation with clients is a matter of pride.

In 2001, GProxy was created to improve internet issues in schools. It was an outstanding success and formed the basis of what would later become our flagship platform.

Sentral was launched in 2006 as a unique integrated solution specifically designed to meet the needs of K-12 schools. Sentral takes care of the maintenance, management, development, and backup, of school administration and student management data. This frees school staff from double data entry, manual data transfer, corrupted data files and time wasting processes. Using technology to enable efficiencies allows staff more time to focus on their primary objective of delivering quality education.

Today, the Sentral solution is in use in over 1,800 schools across Australia with international markets under development.

Mission and Ethos

Sentral Education’s mission is to design and deliver world-class innovative educational solutions underpinned by quality support for all clients.

Our ethos involves staff living and working with the ideals of:
Recognition, Respect and Responsibility.