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Streamline reporting to parents and get back to teaching

Reporting student progress to parents is something all teachers and schools want to do well, though the time and effort involved in the process of generating individual student reports is stressful and exhausting. It can also be very expensive if reports are still printed on paper and posted to parents. The combined administrative effort of printing, collating, envelope stuffing and posting reports is an often invisible but very time consuming task.

Good software can help to streamline the processes involved, reduce inefficiencies, and eliminate some of the hard labour involved in a manual reporting cycle. Teachers still need to spend time reflecting on data and classroom observations to then write meaningful feedback for parents and students. However good software can automate some things and create timesaving workflows for others.

Sentral offers a solution that takes some of the effort, time and cost out of academic report writing and distribution. The system is highly configurable to cater for your school curriculum, preferences for the types of information included in the report, and the way it’s presented to parents. Some key features and benefits include:

✔ Intuitive workflow to define all curriculum and reporting requirements using inbuilt scales or define your own. Workflows can also be set for assigning sections of the report to be completed by specific staff and setting due dates for completion.

✔ Automated data transfer from Markbook, Continuum Tracker, Activities, and Attendance eliminates double data entry and historical views of student reports provides ready reference to inform reflection on progress.

✔ The comment wizard is smart enough to insert the individual childs name, add the correct gender references like his/her and check punctuation issues like sentence case and full stops. It also provides comment starters, curriculum content statements and access to shared or personal comment banks to help teachers to provide meaningful feedback regarding students progress.

✔ Supervisors can see the progress their staff are making towards completing reports and approval for publishing gates can be established. Summary print views also help to reduce paper use when supervisors prefer to edit and mark up comments for staff to rectify.

✔ You choose how to distribute reports to parents. Reports can be printed on paper as individual reports, or bath printed as class or cohort groups, year groups or whole school. All reports can be PDF archived. Schools can also publish reports to PDF’s for distribution via email through our Messaging module or distributed to the Student and Parent Portal where Parents and students will always have access to their current and past reports.

While the term 2 reporting session is beginning to fade into memory, the end of year reports are not that far away. If your schools reporting is harder than it needs to be, call us for a demonstration.

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