Sentral Education

school and student management software

Communication is critical in this 24/7 world

Making contact with parents, staff and students is a breeze with Sentral. After integrating with an enrolment system, staff will be able to access family contact information from the classroom. Sentral's Dashboard is a virtual bulletin board where messages are posted instantly to individuals or groups, so you can be assured that any reminders and variations to routines will be seen by all.

Personalised bulk emails

Sentral makes it easy to create and send personalised group emails to parents, students or staff. Add attachments to circulate permission notes and newsletters.

Parent Interviews

Staff can display their availability and design parent interview schedules. In return parents can click on their preferred dates for these meetings through the Parent Portal.


Sentral's SMS Communication module lets you contact a parent, committee or whole community in one batch, direct to their mobile, when you need to send an instant message. Make a decision to get a dedicated number to receive inbound replies and talk to us about how we can work together to set up a suitable communication hub for your school.

Issue Tracking

Tracks all WHS (Work Health and Safety), maintenance and school / staff related issues.


A uniquely separate module for recording minutes (extracted from Profiles) in which any meeting documents from Profiles will automatically appear here and vice versa. Dual access is controlled via each module’s Setup page, allowing you to decide where and how staff view the information.