Sentral Education

school and student management software

Improve student participation in the classroom with online and blended learning mixed with real world experiences.

Curriculum Reference

Check student outcomes and subject details with Sentral’s handy online repository of both state-based and National Curriculum data. New Continuums have been created for these and are available for import from the Continuum Bank in Continuum creator.


Map timetabled classes to courses in the eLearning environment. Allow students to be automatically enrolled and unenrolled at a touch of a button. Also includes integration with Moodle, Canvas and MyED.


An exciting new module that features work placement, checking and assessing of competencies as well as creating and modifying training plans for a student.


This new module allows students and staff to collaborate together to design a strategic career plan. Create curriculum vitaes and store work experience records and information for future reference. School-based and external endorsements can also be attached to complete the student’s work profile.

Integrate your student logins

Link student logins to either Sentral's Student Portal or an existing school network account (via LDAP aka Lightweight Directory Access Protocol - or other sources).

Built on popular open source technology

Utilise the ecosystem of third-party add-ons and themes to tailor your school's learning management system.