Sentral Education

school and student management software

A comprehensive approach to data management.

Depending on your organisation’s requirements, your school may be functioning on a local administration system or relying on a mandated data source. Sentral’s enrolment solution caters to both.

Schools choosing to work exclusively with Sentral will find that the Sentral Enrolments module is ideal for handling all school and student data. For schools that continue to use their existing system, Sentral offers easy integration achieving full functionality with over 20 administration software packages. Data from a third party administration system can be updated in Sentral either daily or by a live link, depending on your organisational requirements and the capability of your existing system.


A complete student-centric solution for enrolments and data management. Track student demographics, family details and relationship information over time and ensure that records for new students are available for staff the same day they arrive.

Built on SIF-AU

The Sentral Enrolments module is built on SIF-AU (Systems Interoperability Framework – Australia) the latest data exchange standard preferred by schools and software programs around the country. This guarantees trouble free data exchange between all SIF-compliant software.


Get the big picture on your students with Profiles. This module draws on information from throughout Sentral and its integrated systems to provide a consolidated view of the student. Perfect for parent interviews, phone calls or as a quick reference for busy staff, Profiles can be your ‘one stop shop’ for vital student details.

Report Writer

Designed for the IT team or Business Manager that needs to create custom data reports using data fields from any part of Sentral. These bespoke reports can be saved for easy staff access and reused when needed. Print the results in PDF format or save to an Excel spreadsheet to review and organise further.


How do you provide staff with up-to-date data while restricting access to core systems to protect data integrity? Enquiry provides all staff with read-only visibility of basic information without the need for an admin system login. This module contains a feature that allows administrative data to be seen without making unintentional or unauthorised changes.