Sentral Education

school and student management software

Why Sentral

Sentral is software designed for all school environments and is currently used by over 1700 Australian schools. With it's web-based suite of modules, Sentral provides a single comprehensive interface for the management, tracking and reporting of data for school administration, online learning and student management.

Sentral has been built from the ground up by teachers for teachers. Sentral is continually evolving to meet the changing needs of schools and the regulatory requirements of their governing bodies. It is now one of the most widely used learning and management software systems in Australian schools.


Sentral is designed to seamlessly integrate data and work collaboratively with other products. The Sentral approach is to dynamically integrate with the existing environment, allowing schools to choose the systems that best suit their needs.

Get Sentral

To get started, schools need a current licence for Sentral and a server or virtual server environment.

Sentral Server Options

The majority of schools prefer to keep their data onsite by hosting physical or virtual servers. Sentral can also be deployed from the cloud using providers that meet local privacy regulations. Schools can source their own hardware* or Sentral can operate in a virtualised environment such as VMware, ESXi or similar.

When providing your own hardware, please check with us for compatibility first. An installation fee will apply.

Software Licences

Sentral Student Management plus enrolments and/or finance offers a complete end-to-end package with a variety of configuration solutions to meet school needs. Alternatively schools may choose to maintain selected systems that can be integrated with Sentral to exchange core data with Sentral Student Management.

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If you'd like to find out more about Sentral, please contact us to book a no obligation on-site or online demonstration.