Sentral Education

school and student management software

The day-to-day organisation of all schools revolve around student and teacher scheduling.

Often this is limited to a stand-alone software package only accessible through exports or paper based print-outs. Creating timetabling software takes a special talent, so rather than re-invent the wheel, we have worked with some of the brightest people in that area to integrate their software with Sentral. Sentral integrates with a range of timetable packages, providing seamless visibility of timetable information for roll marking, assessment, resource booking and more.

Supports all major timetable packages

Timetable viewer linked to external products e.g. Edval, Timetabler, TimeChart, FirstClass, SM Timetable, Maze and more.


Full calendaring system with links to external calendar systems.

Resource Booking

Integrated booking module for any school resources both within and outside school hours.

Timetable Builder

Allows the creation of different types of rosters and simple timetables. Create schedules such as relief from face-to-face, DOTT playground duty, class timetables,specialist subjects and primary teachers weekly timetable.