Sentral Education

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Sentral Wellbeing: The power to make a difference

Traditional tools used for tracking a student’s wellbeing, often meant making compromises. Victims were ignored by limited reporting and the same sets of fields were used for all incident types. Sentral Wellbeing module turns tracking on its head; with an immensely customisable structure that’s all about what’s happening in your school.

Configurable Wellbeing module

Tailor the module to reflect the priorities, processes and terminologies used in your school and create a hierarchy structure for awards or incidents.

End-to-End Incident Tracking

Build a complete picture of a complex incident by attaching correspondence to a record e.g: awards, letters to parents, detentions, level movements, escalations and whatever meets the school's wellbeing practices. Stay on top of an incident with the notification system.

Student Plans

Individual student-based plans are created and stored in the Wellbeing module for easy referencing.


Enjoy the ability to track student referrals and assistance programs quickly and easily.


Obtain a holistic view of all health information relating to a student.


Stay on track with all excursions and extra-curricular activities while making use of the five stage approval process. Generate rolls for sporting and co-curricular events that include medical alert and parent contact information.

House Points

Auto-populate and manually add house points linked by students activities and awards.