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Grade Management Systems For Assessments & Reporting

Sentral provides everything needed to make assessing and reporting easier throughout the lifecycle of the student.

Academic Reports

Academic Reports

Create personalised reports with direct input or linked data from other Sentral modules.



Utilise the built-in calculations for class and faculty based markbooks as well as direct linkage to Academic Reports.



Track student and class-based, State-based, or school defined markers with direct linkage to Academic Reports.

Continuous Assessment

Continuous Assessment

Provide online assessment and feedback to students and parents.



Diagrammatically track student progress against school, state and national levels.

Cirriculum Reference

Curriculum Reference

Integrated repository of both State and National curriculum data.

A reliable grade management system is critical for students of all ages, and Sentral is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive assessment and reporting modules available. You’ll get several exclusive features with our grade management system, all of which can help you effectively assess and report your students’ grades throughout the year.

Four Reasons to Implement a Grade Management System

Along with making the grading process easier and faster throughout a student’s life cycle, there are four main reasons why you would want to consider this software. 

Perform In-Depth Analysis

Our grade management system allows you to identify trends that can improve your decision-making process and your individualised instructions. It pulls online NAPLAN statistics and school-based data to help give you a longitudinal view of each student’s performance. You can break it down by school, class, year, student, and cohort views. 

Get Continuous Student Assessments

Educators get immediate access to an advanced markbook that features embedded statistical formulas, and you can use rubrics to provide accurate assessment guidance. You’ll be able to monitor individual curriculum progress with our continuum tracker, and you can easily collate work sample portfolios to compile continuous student assessments. 

Simplify All of Your Reports

The automated markbook integration software eliminates double entry data while the report wizard checks and cleans up common grammatical errors like rogue full punctuation, gender disagreement, spelling and capitalisation. You get automated continuum integration that helps you report achievement standards, as well as access to curriculum statements that allows for data-rich assessments. 

Keep Parents Up To Date

Perform continuous assessments to provide parents with regular updates about student performance and celebrate the student’s engagement with extra-curricular activities. Students can perform self-evaluations, and you can distribute and publish all of these reports directly to parents. 

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Careers HS

Careers (HS)

Work hand-in-hand with students and schools to design and track a strategic career pathway.



Vocational based tracking of all required competencies.

Timetable HS

Timetables (HS)

Timetabler viewer linked to external software e.g. TimeTabler.

Careers HS

Student Conferences

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The Benefits

Student Assessment

  • Continuum tracker records individual curriculum progress
  • Advanced markbook with embedded statistical formulas
  • Use rubrics to provide assessment guidance
  • Collate work sample portfolios for continuous assessment

Simplify reports

  • Direct access to curriculum statements for rich assessment and reporting
  • Automated markbook integration eliminates double data entry
  • Automated continuum integration to report on achievement standards
  • Report wizard checks and cleans common errors like gender, full stops, capitals and spelling

Update parents

  • Continuous assessment to provide parents with regular student performance updates
  • Publish & distribute reports digitally direct to parents
  • Student self-evaluation
  • Celebrate engagement in extra-curricular activities


  • Identify trends to improve decision making and individualised instruction
  • Online NAPLAN statistics and school based data
  • School, year, class, student and cohort views
  • Longitudinal view of student performance

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