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Ordering canteen meals and uniforms online has never been easier!


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Ordering canteen meals and uniforms online has never been easier!



StudentPayPlus is a convenient self-service online ordering system for canteens, uniforms and much more! 

It’s the user-friendly, hassle-free ordering and cashless payment experience that allows parents to order school canteen meals and uniforms from the comfort of their home, office or on the go!
 FAQ | Case Study

Amy C.
Head of Business Operations, Independent school in Western Sydney

"I have loved the StudentPayPlus online platform for our canteen ordering. It has certainly taken the burden off our human resources."



Simplify operations

Streamline canteen management, track sales and popular items through an all-in-one platform, saving staff time and effort.


Cashless convenience

Parents can make hassle-free payments, eliminating cash handling and ensuring a secure transaction process.


Connected platform

Reduced admin for both schools and parents taking advantage of Sentral’s class information - reducing the burden of yearly class set-up.


Effortless fundraising

Create and manage donations and fundraising events with ease.


Familiar and convenient

Parents can access StudentPay+ via the familiar Sentral for Parents app, ensuring ease of use and adoption.


Boost revenue

Enable credit/debit card payments to increase participation, resulting in higher revenue for school canteens and shops.

Say goodbye to manual processes and operational inefficiencies.

StudentPayPlus is a streamlined solution offering a full suite of self-service features that help alleviate the operational challenges of running on-campus vendor services.


Stock management

Efficiently manage stock to help you plan your inventory.

Comprehensive reporting

Choose from a broad range of reports to match your financial and operational needs.

Donation and fundraising capabilities

Easily enable parents and friends to make donations to the school towards causes or specific accounts – departments, fundraisers, activities or clubs.

Transparent payment records

Parents can view all payments made including item names, amounts and transaction dates for each child on their account.

Make cashless payments on the go

Conveniently accessible via the Sentral for Parents app (Phone or Android) or phone browser. Check balances, make purchases, and pay directly from their smartphone.

Set & forget

Parents can ensure their child's StudentPayPlus wallet is always topped up by setting automatic payments based on balance or frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc).

A hassle-free ordering experience for parents.

Effortlessly make canteen and uniform orders from the convenience of the Sentral for Parents App.



Conveniently accessible

Accessible via the Sentral for Parents mobile app (iPhone or Android) or through your phone browser.


Cashless payments on-the-go

Parents can make cashless payments on the go right from their smartphones.


Easy money management

Parents can view past payments, and purchases, and even set up auto top-ups to their child's StudentPayPlus wallet when needed.


Hassle-free and ready for orders

No more effort around class setups. StudentPayPlus takes advantage of Sentral’s class information so that parents are ready to order hassle-free every year.

Frequently Asked Questions

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