Sentral Education

school and student management software

Who is Sentral?

  • We are GP Technology Solutions Pty Ltd (trading as Sentral Education);
  • A privately owned Australian software development company, headquartered in Sydney;
  • We design and deliver custom software-as-a-service solutions for the school education sector;
  • We’re experienced in scaling deployments of our SaaS from a single school to school groups or whole school systems of any size without losing sight of the individual needs of the client;
  • We have a great team that produces what we believe to be the best solution to assist schools to improve their practices for the benefit of every child in their care; and
  • We think we’re pretty fortunate, so we like to contribute to a broad range of sponsorships and charities to support others in need. Have a look at the Philanthropy page to get a sense of how committed we are to helping others.

Why be part of the Sentral Team?

  • We are committed to hiring great people who will bring to the team their passion for helping schools to improve every child’s educational opportunity
  • We work hard to build a positive team culture by taking great care in selecting the right people;
  • Our people who are with us for the long run, we don’t do short term, between-trips kind of people;
  • There’s plenty to keep you engaged, challenged and learning for years and just when you think you are on top of everything, we’ll add something new into the mix. There’s no time to be bored;
  • If you prefer to be an expert, someone with all the answers in a predictable environment then maybe we aren’t a great fit for each other;
  • We want people who want to continue to develop and add their unique skills and qualities to strengthen who we are, how we deliver and what we do;
  • We value a diverse workplace where everyone is welcome. We care about what you bring to the team and how you contribute;
  • The three values that are most important to us and how we operate, are Respect, Responsibility and Recognition;
  • You are passionate about building web applications, providing excellent customer service or educational consultancy and care as much about your reputation and the quality of your work as we do;
  • You want a job with a purpose, that contributes to something that really matters; and
  • If you love to be challenged, are technically curious, self-motivated, like learning and have the tenacity of a Jack Russell terrier when it comes to finding answers and responding to clients then we should chat.

Current Positions

All our staff are permanent Australian residents and must be willing to provide a positive Working with Children check in the State you will be based. Please don't waste your time if you don't meet these criteria.


We are currently recruiting for junior web application (full stack) developers who are looking for an experienced team to learn from. Tell us about yourself and get more information via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Education Consultants

Our EC's are field based staff that:

  • represent Sentral at conferences;
  • work to build the Sentral brand;
  • listen to client needs, to offer the solution they need; and
  • feed information back to development and support teams.

Appications for the current positions are now CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who has recently applied. We look forward to finalising these positions in the near future.

Customer Support Team

The Support team, based at head office in Thornleigh NSW is responsible for inbound call support.

This is a challenging role that requires significant technical skills. We need team members who:

  • have patience and empathy for clients;
  • can troubleshoot and problem solve to resolve issues;
  • can communicate equally well with an experienced technical IT Director or a classroom teacher to assist with configuration or guidance;
  • can learn about servers and web services, msql and command line procedures;
  • can assist with establishing our system for new clients; and
  • can perform some after-sales services such as school reports setups.

All this takes someone with patience, the ability to really listen to the client and great attention to detail. Our support team don’t wear Teflon, they take ownership and try to solve as much as they can. It’s a real hands on role.

Our team needs some more hands on deck to share the load, they are waiting to mentor and teach you the ropes. Are you up for the challenge? Tell us about yourself and get more information via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..