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Want to join a successful team?

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Want to join a successful team?


We're all about diversity

Our team at Sentral is a unique combination of talented experts that together provide schools the very best in education software solutions.

We believe that expertise comes in many forms and collectively, we can make a difference.

Our inclusive setting brings together staff from various backgrounds like school classroom and leadership roles, IT professionals, software and network engineers, customer service leaders and business and finance experts.

We’re always searching for new and exciting ways to improve what we do, which is why hiring the best people is vital. We also have a development crèche, supported by our senior developers where we nurture new talent.If working at Sentral excites you, tell us about your skills, experience and career goals.



Hear how Sentral helps schools work smart

The Sentral Station podcast hosts discussions on education to help elevate positive messages and approaches to improve outcomes.