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Sentral Parents Portal & App

Keeping you connected to your child’s education

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Sentral for Parents Portal & App phone icon

Sentral Parents Portal & App

Keeping you connected to your child’s education


Finally, a structured and controlled environment, designed for convenience

The Parent Portal and App provides a user-friendly place for teachers to communicate directly with parents by sending messages and notifications about the school and their child’s education and development.

Don't just take our word for it

Here's what Ann-Maree Kliman - the VPA President had to say about our Sentral for Parents App

"Sentral has been helping schools work smart for over 20 years now. They support schools right across Australia including a large number here in Victoria. By constantly developing the platform they’ve lived up to their mission to help teachers and students be the best they can be. The new Sentral for Parents mobile app is another example of their commitment to continuously improving their products and services to schools. Completely rebuilt using school and parent feedback, and rigorous pilot testing with two Victorian schools, the new Sentral for Parents app is better than ever. | strongly encourage our Victorian Sentral schools to embrace the new app and take full advantage of the improved functionality it offers."

Anne-Maree Kliman VPA President Anne-Maree Kliman

Already trusted by over 3,000 schools across Australia

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Key features & benefits

Make Secure Payments on the computer or phone with Sentral for Parents App frame-3

Secure payments

Receive and record parent payments to the school through a secure, automated gateway. No more manual recording of transactions!

  • Seamless integration with other systems
  • Individual student data view
  • Update calendar, parent interviews and staff rosters
  • Connected data sources for better informed decisions
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Instant message feature

Create 2-way messaging between teachers and parents to make all communication convenient and monitored.

  • Have real-time conversations between parents and teachers
  • View documents and be able to upload/download
  • Clarify absences and confirm dates and times for key events
  • Provide ongoing performance remarks for individual students instead of waiting for end of year interviews
Woman receives Push Notifications via the Sentral for Parents App frame-2

Push notifications

New school messages can now be quickly and simply sent to multiple recipients through the Parent App.

  • Update multiple recipients at once regarding new school events
  • School notifications can be released simultaneously to the school community
  • New or changing key dates can be notified to teachers and parents
Homework management made easy with Sentral for Parents App frame-4

Homework management

What homework needs to be done, and by when, can be easily uploaded and communicated to parents.

  • Keep parents informed of their children's homework schedule
  • Provide instant visibility to student timelines and responsibilities regarding homework
  • Create transparency to student progress and workloads

Sentral helps you plan, work & communicate effectively

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See it in action

Are you ready to streamline your processes and free up your time to focus on your students?

Sentral Parents portal features


Push notification

Send instant push notifications to parents to notify them of a new message from school.

Payment gateway

Receive payments and record them. Eliminate manual handling of payments and increase payment convenience for parents.

2-way messaging

Communicate swiftly and easily. All communication with parents is recorded for monitoring.

Homework management

Let parents know what needs to be done, when.

Sentral for Parents app features


Newsfeed and daily notices

Send newsfeed and daily notices to parents about important events that relate to their child.

2-way messaging

Communicate directly with parents in the app via 2-way messaging. View, download and upload documents.

Absence notification

Receive absence notifications from parents sent quickly and easily from within the app.


Add and view calendar items so both teachers and parents stay up to date with school events.


Conveniently schedule parent teacher interview bookings.


Receive payments for school fees, excursions and more.
Sentral integrated Platform logos

Integration with popular school platforms

Staying true to our ethos of simplicity and consistency we recognise the importance of being able to integrate with other platforms you may be using. Whether it’s managing your school diary, updating your enrolment system or checking payments from parents, the Sentral school management system works seamlessly with many popular Australian school Apps.

One platform to meet every school's need

Sentral for Public Schools icon

Public Schools

Sentral aligns with the government policy of developing cloud computing with our ‘software as a service’ mindset. With less time spent on infrastructure management, there’s more emphasis on teaching and learning. Explore how to excel in school management with confidence.

  • Module features that deliver against all current Government compliance requirements
  • Data security meets the highest international standard: backed by Microsoft Azure and ISO 27001 accreditation
  • Scalable and configurable modules tailored to your school's needs
  • Administrative tasks made simple to save you valuable time
Sentral for Independent Schools icon

Independent Schools

We understand the complexity of multiple stakeholder requirements in independent schools. Already helping over 150 independent schools in Australia, our platform delivers on operational efficiency, 3rd party software integration, data security, compliance to parent communications and executive reporting requirements.

  • Seamless integration with existing systems for education, finance and human resources
  • Data security is assured by our partnership with Microsoft and our ISO 27001 accreditation
  • A cloud-based solution that improves security, administrative efficiency and real time data accessibility
  • Scalable and configurable modules accessible on multiple devices to support your daily school operations
Sentral for Enterprise icon

Enterprise Schools

For multi-campus school groups or government departments, Sentral offers enterprise level reporting and control over management of schools that sit within the group. We provide seamless  integration with existing systems across multiple schools for a wide range of enterprise customers 

  • ACT Education Directorate enterprise solution across 90 schools
  • Caulfield Grammar School Enterprise Solution
  • Toowoomba Catholic Diocese Enterprise Solution across 31 schools
  • Offer comprehensive implementation and onboarding program tailored for enterprise specific needs

Secure & supportive are Sentral mandates

Sentral safe and secure platform icon

Safe & secure

Privacy & security come as standard with Sentral. With sensitive, school, student and parent data being held in our system, you can be confident that all compliance standards are met.

  • The Sentral cloud-based platform is powered by the globally-trusted expertise of Microsoft Azure
  • Sentral is ISO 27001 certified - meeting the highest international standard of information security management systems
  • Our payment solution is financially-compliant and PCI DSS Level 1 certified
  • Audited and compliant with government security requirements
Sentral onboarding and training icon

Onboarding that’s tailored to you

Sentral understands every school is different, with varying needs and wants. Don’t get overwhelmed - let Sentral’s professional team guide you to the most appropriate solution.

  • A dedicated Success Manager is allocated to your school to support the onboarding stage
  • Ongoing training of school staff can be provided onsite or remotely
  • Sentral provides comprehensive online & printed guides to the platform, and video tutorials
  • Sentral has an Australian based support call centre to ensure you’re catered for wherever you may be located across Australia

See how Sentral has helped schools across Australia

"Sentral was the right choice to move with the times and adoptan efficient cloud-based student management platform. The high-speed cloud infrastructure is easily scaled up or down to meet demand at no cost... I was able to empower teachers with the knowledge that it is really easy to use."

Kristy Sutton Assistant Principal, Learning & Wellbeing, Weston Public School, NSW Kristy Sutton

"Our decision to choose Sentral was driven by the one-stop-shop solution it offers to our schools. We can manage all our student management requirements on the one platform. Security and privacy were also top priorities in our selection process. With Sentral hosted in the cloud on Microsoft Azure we knew that we could safely implement the platform across our multi-campus school."

Doug Austing District Principal (NSW) & National Digital Systems Manager - OneSchool Global Doug Austing

"It’s reliable, it’s safe. It’s just so responsive. The highly configurable design of Sentral enables staff to foster their team culture and design new methods that work for them and keep the students at the centre of all processes. It’s just changed the way we communicate… we don’t have anyone slip through the gaps anymore."

Helen Murphy Assistant Principal, Vermont Primary School, VIC Helen Murphy
Sentral unified student & school management platform icon

Sentral is a unified platform for school management

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for your school management system, Sentral solves your stresses.

From building a balanced class, tracking attendance and efficiently creating wellbeing assessments, academic reports, to secure digital payments and cashless canteen ordering, it's all made easy in Sentral's single platform.

Learn more

Distinct modules for easy management


Gain a healthier student mindset in and out of the classroom with Sentral’s practical and helpful guidance.


Who’s here, who’s not and who’s that? Sentral’s module keeps you on top of student attendance and on-site visitors.


Track the entire journey of the student lifecycle quickly and accurately - all in one platform.

School Management


You’ll get a streamlined & holistic overview on all the key Administrative functions with Sentral.

End-User Engagement


Keep the communication lines between parents and teachers open, timely and on-going to maintain strong relationships.

School Business Management


We know you want a safe & secure payment gateway, so let Sentral Pay keep you up-to-date on fees and billing automatically.


Cashless online ordering made simple. Purchase uniforms & books or pay canteen orders & school fees safely through our secure online system, QuickCliq.

See it in action

Are you ready to streamline your processes and free up your time to focus on your students?