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For Parents

The Sentral for Parents portal and app keep you connected to your child’s education

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For Parents

The Sentral for Parents portal and app keep you connected to your child’s education

Sentral’s Parent Portal & App delivers the communication you expect

Communication with your school community has never been easier. Take advantage of the 2-way messaging feature to connect directly with teachers and the calendar means you’ll always be up-to-date with key dates and events.

The Newsfeed and daily notice function can be filtered to your choosing of topic and you can even make secure payments of fees and excursions within the Parent app as well. All at your fingertips.

Stay connected anywhere, on any device


Sentral for Parents App

The Sentral for Parents App is designed to help you monitor your childs school journey simply and efficiently. There’s plenty of smart features to help streamline your day by keeping communication lines between parents and teachers open, timely and on-going.



Parents Portal

The Sentral Parent Portal provides a comprehensive online desktop environment for parents to keep in touch with their children’s life at school. It is the backbone of the Sentral for Parents Mobile App.



Download the Sentral for Parents App

The Sentral for Parents app allows you to monitor your child’s school journey simply and efficiently. You will find numerous smart features that help streamline your day. Receive messages and notifications from teachers, report absences, make payments for school activities and more. The Sentral for Parents app helps you stay connected and informed about your child’s education.

Sentral for Parents App Features


Newsfeed and Daily Notices

Receive newsfeed and daily notices about important events that relate to your child.

2-way Messaging

Communicate directly with your child’s teacher in the app via 2-way messaging. View, download and upload documents.

Absence Notifications

Send absence notifications to the school quickly and easily from within the app.


View calendar items to stay up to date with school events.


Conveniently view parent teacher interview bookings.


View and make payments for school fees, excursions and more.
Sentral for Parents Platform

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal allows you to monitor your child’s school journey simply and efficiently from any device. The portal is browser-based so will work on any device that has an internet browser. 

Parent Portal Features


Push Notification

Send instant push notifications to parents to notify them of a new message from school.

Payment Gateway

Receive payments and record them. Eliminate manual handling of payments and increase payment convenience for parents.

Instant Messaging

Communicate swiftly and easily. All communication with parents is recorded for monitoring.

Homework Management

Let parents know what needs to be done, when.

Secure Private Data

Privacy & security come as standard with Sentral. With sensitive, school, student and parent data being held in our system, you can be confident that all compliance standards are met.

  • The Sentral cloud-based platform is powered by the globally-trusted expertise of Microsoft Azure
  • Sentral is ISO 27001 certified - meeting the highest international standard of information security management systems
  • Our payment solution is financially-compliant and PCI DSS Level 1 certified
  • Audited and compliant with government security requirements

Secure Payments

Being powered by Ezidebit means all financial transactions are secure and compliant to the highest standards

  • 100% digital, instant transactions
  • Our automated facility means making multiple and recurring payments easy
  • Your data is saved avoiding the need to re-enter your information.
  • All your fee payments and billing are in one place, meaning visibility across your transactions is easy