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Sentral for Parents FAQ's for Schools

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Sentral for Parents FAQ's for Schools

 Thank you for using the Sentral for Parents App & Portal


If you have questions about using the app, or need some extra help, then please browse our list of FAQs below.
We're always working towards giving you the best app experience possible.


      Sentral for Parents FAQ's

      1. How do parents register for the app?
      2. Do parents need a Parent Portal account before they can use the app?
      3. Should parents register for the Parent Portal first, or the app?
      4. Where do I direct parent enquiries for parent login problems?
      5. Who does the school contact for help with the app?
      6. Where do I find absence notifications sent from parents via the app?
      7. Who can send notifications to parents via the app?
      8. Do all Parent Portal notifications go out via the app as well?
      9. Can I send a notification via the app, but not the Parent Portal?
      10. What documents can I send to parents via the app?
      11. What is the size limit of documents that I can send via the app?
      12. Why can’t I upload a document to the app?
      13. How do parents get the new Sentral for Parents app?
      14. Can parents continue to use the old app?
      15. The app looks different. Has functionality changed?
      16. Can parents run the old app and the new app on their phone at the same time?
      17. What if parents have children at different schools?
      18. Can parents make payments via the app?
      19. Can teachers use the app?
      20. How do teachers register for the app?