Attendance Apps For K-12 Students & Teachers

Manage staff and student absences, on-site visitors and daily attendance records effectively.

School Attendance

School Attendance

Manage all aspects of school based attendance.



Track all school visitors electronically.

Lesson Attendance

Lesson Attendance (HS)

Manage all aspects of class based attendance.



Monitor student absences via automated student absence system.



Single to batch communications via SMS and email.

Keeping track of all of your students’ attendance records can be a difficult and time-consuming task without the right tools in place. This is where our attendance module excels, both for small and large schools throughout Australia.

The Benefits of Sentral’s Attendance Module

There are numerous benefits that come with implementing Sentral’s attendance module, and they include: 

Advanced Features – Seamlessly integrate timetables and search capabilities that allow you to successfully track and manage attendance, truancy and compliance for each student. The flexible student attendance kiosk implements biometrics and barcodes for a fast and efficient experience. You also benefit from two-way parent notifications through SMS, push, letters or emails to keep families in the loop. 

Easy Access Points – Use any device to record your daily attendance and successfully manage bulk and partial infringements and absences for accurate records. Incorporate automated parent notifications and emergency evacuation rolls for all of your students, and get precise insights with attendance analysis and heat maps. 

Save Time – Supervise roll status in real-time to eliminate errors, and receive pre-emptive absence notifications from parents to speed up your roll status. Gain access to jurisdictional report templates and combine them with integrated data management systems for partial attendance, class excursions and sick leave. 

Track Visitor Management – Manage any volunteers, visitors and onsite contractors using our software on tablets, kiosks and netbooks. You can use this management tool to generate evacuation lists for your visitors where we also have the technology to perform label and slip printing with photos. 

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The Benefits

Easy access

  • Record daily attendance on any device
  • Manage partial, bulk, absences and incursions
  • Heat maps & analysis of attendance
  • Emergency evacuation rolls and automated parent notifications

Advanced features

  • Timetable integration and search capabilities
  • Class & course attendance tracking to manage compliance and truancy
  • Flexible student attendance kiosk using barcode or biometrics
  • Two-way parent notifications by push, SMS, email or letter

Visitor Management

  • Manage visitors, volunteers and onsite contractors
  • Slip and label printing including photos
  • Generate visitor evacuation lists
  • Use on kiosks, tablets or netbooks

Save time

  • Integrated data management with sick bay, partial attendance, incursions and excursions
  • Jurisdictional report templates
  • Supervise roll status in real-time
  • Receive pre-emptive absence notifications from parents

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