Class Builder

Class Builder

Class Building Functionality For Teachers & Administrators

Create more balanced classes and save hours, days…even weeks!

“The benefits we enjoyed about Class Builder was the ease of class placement and the ability to see the balance of classes based on behaviour, academic, gender and special needs. The other benefit was the access to historical data.”

Marion Walsh-Gay
Beauty Point Public School

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Teacher Surveys

Collect consistent student data with online teacher surveys.

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Teacher Logic Algorithm

Create classes that are well-balanced by automatically considering: gender, class size, behaviour, academics, special education, ESL and social dynamics.

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Composite Classes

Easily configure a balanced composite class, using information from teacher surveys.

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Class Creator Transition

Streamline the transition process for students transitioning from primary to secondary school.

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Placement Alerts

Mistakes are a thing of the past, with our alerts and real-time feedback.

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Drag & Drop Editor

Drag and drop students to tweak class cohorts easily.

The Benefits

Capture years of insights on each student

  • Make placement decisions based on student placement history data, not memory
  • Use data from various classes and years to ensure you understand the full picture of a student’s abilities and demeanour

Save time with automated cohort building

  • No more mistakes. Class Builder ensures students are placed with the right peers and teachers
  • Staff can spend more time on providing useful student insights once lengthy, manual processes are eliminated

Cover all bases

  • Our automated student placement software considers behaviour, academics, special needs, separations and friendships when placing a student into a class

Real-time alerts and easy editing

  • Drag and drop editing, real-time alerts and a demographic overview means you can edit the classes to make them just right, without the worry of making mistakes.

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Book an online or onsite demonstration and see how Sentral can work for you.