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Sentral for Parents App - Troubleshooting for Parents

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Sentral for Parents App - Troubleshooting for Parents

Thank you for downloading and using the Sentral for Parents App

It’s normal to have questions when you first use the app, so please browse our list of FAQs below. 

We're always working towards giving you the best app experience possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I can’t log in. Forgotten password.
2. I can’t log in. Forgotten email.
3. I can’t login. I don’t have access to that email account anymore.
4. How do I know my school uses the app?
5. How do I register to use the app?
6. What is an access key?
7. Where do I get my access key(s)?
8. Should I register for the Parent Portal or the app first?
9. Can I register for the Parent Portal using the app?
10. Can I use my Parent Portal account login for the app?
11. Can I notify the school of my child’s absence via the app?
12. Can I message my child’s teacher via the app?
13. Can I view and upload documents in the app?
14. I use the Parent Portal. Do I have to use the app?
15. How do I get support for the app? Can I call someone?
16. I’ve been using the old Sentral for Parents app. How do I get the new one?
17. The app looks different. Has functionality changed?
18. I’ve been using the original Sentral for Parents app. Do I need to switch to the new one?
19. Can I run the old and the new version of the app on my phone at the same time?
20. What if I have children in different schools?
21. I’ve downloaded the new Sentral for Parents app. Do I need to log in again?
22. Do I need to add my children to the app?
23. Can I make payments in the app?
24. Can I order lunches in the app?
25. Do I need multiple logins if my children are in a separate schools using Sentral?


1. Cannot access or use the app when at school or on some wifi networks
2. My login doesn't work.
3. I’m using the app to register for the Parent Portal, but it doesn’t work.
4. I can’t find my school in the list.
5. My children aren’t showing up in the app.
6. I can’t view documents in the app.
7. I can’t upload documents to the app.
8. My absentee notifications aren’t being received by the school.
9. The app doesn’t work on my phone.
10. I can see the calendar in the app but there are no events shown.
11. My school sends notifications requiring action, but I cannot respond to or action them.

Still haven't found what you are looking for?

Please contact us below with your parent app support enquiries.