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Sentral Finance - FAQs for Parents

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Sentral Finance - FAQs for Parents

Sentral Finance FAQs for Parents

1. How do I make a payment?
2. Can I use my credit card to make a payment?
3. How will I be notified when I need to make a payment?
4. How can I provide permission and payment for an activity?
5. How do I give permission for an activity if there is no payment required?
6. Can I pay for multiple fees or activities in one transaction?
7. Can I make a partial payment? 
8. Where can I view my payment history?
9. How can I generate a Statement of Account?
10. How do I request a refund for an activity?
11. Can I use the Parent Portal to allocate available credit to a fee item?

If you have any questions about the Sentral for Parents Portal or Sentral for Parents app, please visit: