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Communicate with your child’s school easily and efficiently. Stay in touch with their achievements and educational development with the Sentral Portal and App.

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At Sentral, we make it fast and easy for parents to communicate with their children’s teachers through our school parent portal app.You’ll be able to watch your child’s educational development and their achievements, and their teachers are just a click away. Our student & parent portal offers several exclusive benefits for our parents. These include:Better Connections – You can stay up to date on all of your child’s awards and progress, and use the heatmap to track your child’s attendance. Additionally, our student parent app lets you quickly and easily view work samples and review homework tasks, notes and any reminders the teachers may set. 

Communication Improvement – Communication between parents and teachers is essential to ensuring a students’ success. Our student & parent portal gives parents targeted information regarding their child, and they can sign up for group reminders, push emails and portal eNews. Additionally, Sentral provides parents with several ways to respond to their students’ teachers including; email, the portal itself, or SMS. 

Mobile – Keep information about your child at your fingertips with our mobile portal. You can use our portal to book interviews with teachers and receive information from push notifications in the app, through SMS or through email to stay up to date. 

Security and Safety – One encrypted portal allows you to explain absences and send them in advance, receive push notifications in the event of lockdowns or evacuations and make payments or give permission for student excursions.

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Features for Parents

Improve communications

  • Two-way communications via dedicated parent portal
  • Targeted information about your child
  • Receive targeted push email or portal eNews and group reminders
  • Respond to direct teacher and coordinator messages via email, SMS or Portal

Better connected

  • Stay up to date with your child’s progress & awards
  • View work samples posted to the portal
  • Use the heatmap to track your child’s attendance
  • Review homework tasks, reminders and notes

Safe and secure

  • Feel confident in school safety & security
  • Explain absence reasons and send notice of absence in advance
  • SMS or push notifications to keep you informed during evacuations, emergencies or lock-downs
  • Secure payment gateway and permission for excursions

Go mobile

  • Convenient mobile communications via app and portal
  • Receive information via SMS, push notifications in app or email
  • Book parent interviews online
  • Dedicated parent iOS & Android app

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Sounds good?
Get in touch!

Book an online or onsite demonstration and see how Sentral can work for you.