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Cloud-Based Educational Software For Teachers

Use Sentral to evaluate student learning and help differentiate teaching to address student needs.

Utilise Sentral’s Educational Software For Teachers to Streamline Your Processes

Sentral was created for teachers by teachers. Below are some of Sentral’s products and ways in which they can be used by teachers to help them work smart:

Class Builder – You’ll be able to look at a student’s placement history data to make informed placement decisions without relying on memory. Additionally, you can use the data from the class building software, pulled from various classes and across different years, to ensure a solid understanding of each student’s strengths and abilities. 

Assessment and Reporting – Record and track each student’s progress throughout the year and create individual curriculums. Simplify all of your reports with an automated markbook integration that checks for errors. Identify trends and measure your students’ successes so you can keep parents updated every day. 

Attendance – Our attendance module gives you the ability to record daily attendance and report bulk and partial absences. This module also provides teachers with course and class attendance tracking and timetable integration with the ability to search. Easily track who enters and exits the school grounds as the attendance module also allows for seamless management of visitors at the school, and can generate visitor evacuation lists. 

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Features for Teachers

Targeted teaching

  • Use comprehensive data to individualise & manage learning
  • Identify trends & intervene early for better results
  • Create & manage individual student plans to improve performance
  • Provide continuous assessment to students and parents
  • Track and analyse diagnostic assessments

Save time

  • Secure access to data anytime on any device
  • Teacher friendly workflows for collecting, managing & reporting
  • Book resources and report issues anywhere, anytime
  • Create purchase orders for approval
  • Comprehensive event and excursion management, linked to attendance

Better communication

  • Improve communication with parents
  • Send reminders to your class portal
  • Notify parents of homework & assessment tasks
  • Direct message parents about achievements or concerns
  • Internal dashboard notices

Trend analysis

  • Access historical student information
  • Heatmaps and graphs highlight trends
  • Analyse student, class or cohort performance
  • Longitudinal view of progress
  • Inbuilt continuum tracking tools

All Sentral products

We have a wide range of products to help you work smart.

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Sounds good?
Get in touch!

Book an online or onsite demonstration and see how Sentral can work for you.