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Education Administration Software

Save administration time by reducing manual data handling, ensure accuracy and improve information flow to parents and teachers.

Given the busyness school administrators undergo, anything designed to save them valuable time is bound to be beneficial and rewarding. Efficiency is a major benefit of school a administration software, along with improving the flow of information through all parts of the school and ensuring a formidable level of data  accuracy. 

Why Use Sentral’s Education Administration Software

You want your school to run as smoothly and cohesively as possible, and having everything at your fingertips due to Sentral’s school administration software is a huge help. The software allows you to: 

Seamlessly Integrate with Existing Software

Your school will achieve seamless integration with your existing system, to give you a comprehensive one-stop student data view. You can update your calendar, staff rosters and parent interviews all in real-time, and it allows you to connect your data sources so you can make more informed decisions.

It also lets you handle finances, create a fee structure, implement sibling discounts and register debtors. Manage all of your school’s invoicing, assets and every other expense from one centralised location

Simplify the Enrolment Process

Use our school administration software to manage all stages of any leavers or enrolments including temporary and permanent teachers. You can register unlimited student households and you can quickly pull up enrolment statistics and census reporting to make informed decisions as well.


Let our platform help you track and manage behaviour levels, manage detentions and create and manage student plans. It’s easy to link multiple students to one incident. You can award, display and track house points and celebrate milestones electronically. 

Each student can have manual and automatic flags added to their profile. Manage emergency care, health, personal learning plans, independent educational plans and much more. You’re able to set up an integrated referral process to ensure that each school year goes smoothly as well. 

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Features for Administrators

Office friendly

  • All student information in one easy location
  • Seamlessly integrates with other school systems
  • Improved management of health plans and emergency care
  • Automated attendance and notification handling

Data control

  • Strong access controls and permissions
  • Share parent contact details with staff
  • Easy electronic student rolls that save manual data input
  • Comprehensive reporting templates

Better communication

  • Reach parents faster with automated SMS and email
  • Convenient eNews, reminders & reports for parents on the go
  • Send electronic daily notices
  • Receive digital replies to attendance notifications

Reduce time

  • Simplify stocktaking and resource booking
  • Faster fee and ad hoc invoicing
  • Save time and cost on print jobs with effective eCommunications
  • Manage school calendars

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Sounds good?
Get in touch!

Book an online or onsite demonstration and see how Sentral can work for you.