Teachers and School Administrators across Australia have found everyday success with Sentral! From improving student performance to streamlining reporting to capturing key data, Sentral continues to be a well-rounded platform that makes school management a breeze!

Here’s what some of our Teachers and School Administrators have to say about their experience with Sentral:

Doug Austing

District Principal (NSW) | National Digital Systems Manager OneSchool Global

‘Our decision to choose Sentral was driven by the one-stop-shop solution it offers to our schools. We can manage all our student management requirements on the one platform. Security and privacy were also top priorities in our selection process.’ Read more here.

Phil Seymour

President – Primary Principals' Association, NSW

During the severe COVID-19 disruption to normal reporting routine, Sentral responded to help streamline primary school reports. Working closely with the PPA, Sentral recommended a course of action that satisfied DoE guidelines by developing specially customised reports templates. There’s no doubt that Sentral’s efforts saved many schools countless hours in providing quality reports for Semester 1, 2020. THANK YOU, Sentral.

Rob Gorton

School Administrator – Wadalba Community School, NSW

I’m an Administrator of Sentral at Wadalba Community School. My main role is to set up and administer the Reports package. In my 5 years in this role, Sentral has been integral to improving the reporting process at Wadalba in the 15 years I’ve been teaching. Sentral has ensured we don’t suffer data loss which used to be a common experience in previous software packages. Any time I’ve been unsure with a feature or component in Sentral, the help desk has always been able to guide me through the issue. They also make sure I understand the process ensuring I can complete the steps myself in the future should I need to. On a few occasions, due to the way some of our classes are structured, the team at Sentral have gone above and beyond to find a solution to my problem even when it’s been a specific issue to our school. I can’t recommend enough to any school not currently using Sentral that they consider this package as an integral part of the administration process.

Scott Deakes

Teacher – Vincentia High School, NSW

Being a casual teacher, walking into a school knowing they use Sentral gives me a sense of calm. Having the ability to access important information about a school and its students allows me to do a better job in providing uninterrupted education to students.

Katie Atkin

I.C.T Coordinator – Berwick Chase High School, VIC

We at Berwick Chase High love how we can nominate kids for awards, allocate the kids with earnt house points, and then with the click of a button, print our snazzy custom-made certificates with the student’s name and grade on it! So easy!!

Ernest Kulauzović

Community Relations Officer, Granville South Creative Performing Arts High School, NSW

I love being able to notify staff members about any information using group message. The functions I use most is searching for student information by making enquiries and the attendance system. But the best feature is the m.sentral which means I am able to login and view information via my smartphone.

Viktorija Perry

Teacher, Penrith Public School, NSW

I love using Sentral as it allows me to view the day’s schedule at a glance with just a touch of a button. This ensures my job runs smoothly and effectively.

Brock Janssen

Creative and Performing Arts Teacher, Toormina High School, NSW

Sentral is user friendly and the help guides are amazingly organised which makes it easier for you to search for solutions should you forget something on the platform.

Debbie Korn

Teacher, Ashcroft High School, NSW

Debbie Korn finds Sentral staff helpful to complete her school administration efficiently.

Gyllian Godfrey

School Principal, Athelstone Primary School, SA

Gyllian Godfrey, loves Sentrals’ reporting functionality because she and her staff can generate reports at the click of a button.

Mark Marshan

Teacher, Kingsgrove North High School, NSW

Mark Marshan knew Sentral was the program to progress his teaching career in NSW.