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Improving Student Behaviour

For any school to provide the best possible learning environment for all students, the thorny issue of managing and improving student day-to-day behaviour needs to be addressed. All inappropriate behaviour adversely affects other student’s chances of having a positive learning experience.

The introduction of a quality school information system (SIS) will provide a range of options, which can allow schools to produce a structured and safe learning environment.

An obvious benefit of a SIS is the early detection of certain behaviour trends e.g. always being in sick-bay at a particular day and time every week – a possible indication of underlying issues such as challenging student-student or student-teacher relations or just non-interest in a particular subject etc.
Adding to the identification of these types of trends would be any relevant information supplied via school-parent communication channels in an effort to encourage improvements in behaviour.
These are just some of the myriad of ways that schools can attempt to address the challenge of developing a positive learning culture.
The above is a personal viewpoint from …

Stan Wawrzyniak
Director of Operations
Sentral Education

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