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National Check-In Week



Register Now! 22-26 May 2023.


Take your roll call within Sentral to the next level by measuring your students’ emotional state and readiness to learn in real-time! This simultaneous emotional check-in can be taken alongside your daily roll call or any-time during the school day to provide insightful, actionable student wellbeing data.

Sentral is a proud supporter of National Check-In Week, a free event for schools held this year from 22 – 26 May, 2023. This year we expect thousands of schools to complete more than 2 million student emotion check-ins, all with the common goal of bringing focus to the wellbeing needs of every child, every day.

We invite Sentral schools to join National Check-in Week as we:

  • Help provide equity for wellbeing and ensure no child is left behind. 
  • Give students agency to have their voices heard. 
  • Show the value of instant, real-time data in helping understand students’ state of wellbeing, rather than waiting on annual surveys or pulse checks. 

To learn more or register now, visit

Taking part is free, simple to set up, and now with the Sentral and Life Skills Go integration, daily roll call and emotional check in is simultaneous!

  • Registered schools will receive free access to the fully integrated Life Skills GO Emotion Check-in and reporting dashboards within your Sentral Platform.
  • Students complete daily check-ins for one school week, which takes only moments to complete.
  • Schools who participate in the National Check-In week will have full access to emotion check-in data within your Sentral Platform. This data triangulates attendance, behaviour and emotional state in a clear, actionable way to help support wellbeing programs and the critical 'why'?


Free Webinar: How you can support your wellbeing programs with the Life Skills GO and Sentral integration

With National Check-in Week fast approaching, join our Founder and Head of Strategy Ant Mawer, and Life Skills Group CEO Nikki Bonus as they discuss the benefits of this new integration to include all aspects of the learner profile, from emotional state, readiness to learn, attendance and behaviour – all in one time-saving platform.

In this one hour free webinar, our expert panelists will discuss:

  • How the combined roll call and Emotion Check-in saves time, provides context to learner profiles and identifies in real-time the emotional state of students.
  • The rich data that is made available inside your Sentral Wellbeing module.
  • The real world impact of the above on students, teachers and executives from educators who have piloted the integration and assisted in its development.
  • National Check-in Week – the week dedicated to understanding how students truly feel by checking in on student wellbeing and how the new Life Skills GO and Sentral integration is available free to all schools during the event.

Register for the Webinar 
Wednesday, 10 May, 7PM AEST


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