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Streamline reporting to parents and get back to teaching


Reporting student progress to parents is something all teachers and schools want to do well, though the time and effort involved can be exhausting for staff. It can also be very expensive if reports are still printed on paper and posted to parents. The combined administrative effort of printing, collating, envelope stuffing and posting of reports is an often invisible but very time-consuming task.

Sentral makes it possible to streamline the processes involved, reduce inefficiencies, and eliminate some of the hard labour involved in a manual reporting cycle. Effective, school-wide academic report set-up and direct importing of student data can leave teachers more time to reflect on student progress and provide meaningful feedback.

The academic report module is highly configurable to cater for your school curriculum, preferences for the types of information included in the report, and the way it’s presented to parents. Some key features and benefits include:

Simple set-up: Schema frameworks can be set up by report administrators and customised to suit the reporting requirements for various grades or subject areas. Workflows can also be set for assigning sections of the report to be completed by specific staff and setting due dates for completion.

Data in one place: Automated data transfer from Markbook, Continuum Tracker, Activities and Attendance eliminates double data entry and historical views of student reports assists teachers in writing informed comments.

Save time proof-reading: The comment wizard is smart enough to insert the individual child’s name, add the correct gender references such as his/her and check punctuation issues like sentence case and full stops. It also provides comment starters, curriculum content statements and access to shared or personal comment banks to help teachers to provide meaningful feedback regarding students’ progress.

Streamlined approval process: Supervisors have access to staff reports allowing them to provide feedback at any stage of the process. Summary print views saves paper by allowing staff to share reports for checking without the need to print.

Share reports digitally: You choose how to distribute reports to parents. Reports can be printed on paper as individual reports, as class or cohort groups, year groups or whole school. All reports can be PDF archived. Schools can also publish reports to PDF’s for distribution via email through our Messaging module or distributed to the Student and Parent Portal where Parents and students will always have access to their current and historical reports.

If you would like to learn more about how to set-up your semester two academic reporting period, Sentral’s YouTube channel has dedicated academic report playlists with helpful content to guide you through the entire process.

For more detailed information, visit the Sentral website for access to user guides and frequently asked questions.

For specific academic reports questions and assistance contact our support team at 1800 998 538.

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