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Sentral takes a bite into the School canteen and uniform shop management space with its new StudentPayPlus offering.

StudentPayPlus is Sentral's convenient self-service online ordering system for canteens, uniforms and much more!


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This article was written by Dante M., Product Marketing Manager

In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of school management software, Sentral is excited to introduce its latest game-changer: StudentPayPlus. The innovative platform is not just a convenience; it's a paradigm shift in how schools manage canteen and uniform shop operations. By offering a hassle-free, cashless, and transparent experience, StudentPayPlus is set to transform the daily lives of both schools and parents.

‘Sentral has always aimed to simplify school operations. StudentPayPlus extends this mission to the wider school community. It works alongside the core school management platform and can be accessed by parents through the Sentral for Parents app providing them with one easy,  familiar and convenient hub where they can do it all - order lunch meals, purchase uniforms, receive academic reports, connect with teachers, catchup on school news and updates, and beyond.’ Simon Jones, General Manager, Sentral.

What is StudentPayPlus?

StudentPayPlus is Sentral's new self-service online ordering system for school canteen meals and uniforms. Sentral has partnered with sister company Heartland Payment Systems which provides the secure order and payment technology currently used and trusted by over 36,000 schools and over 3.5 million parents worldwide to power its new StudentPayPlus offering.

‘StudentPayPlus is a game-changer for schools, canteens, and uniform shops. Its robust yet user-friendly interface goes beyond the basics, offering unparalleled features. From handling the core school canteen and vendor tasks with ease to offering a multitude of advanced functionalities that include QR code integration to customisable buttons for boosted sales and effortless fundraising, this innovative solution caters to diverse needs. Erica Easton, Product Owner - StudentPayPlus, Sentral

How does it make canteen and uniform shop management easier?

StudentPayPlus offers schools a robust set of features that allow you to accurately track sales and manage stock in addition to providing comprehensive reporting, and fundraising capabilities. The platform's seamless, cashless payment flow ensures that all meal orders and payments are directed through StudentPayPlus via the Sentral for Parents app or the website. This not only simplifies operational processes but also reduces cash handling, saving time and effort for staff.

‘...we know how fast life can become hectic for schools and parents. Busy lives and schedules require a simple, intuitive and user-friendly solution. We've worked hard to ensure that not only are schools getting an easy-to-use platform, but they will also receive the best onboarding and support that best fits their processes and the duties of their staff.’ Fay Waller, Parent Customer Service Team Lead - StudentPayPlus, Sentral

How does it work for Parents?

Accessible through the Sentral for Parents App or, StudentPayPlus offers convenience by eliminating the need for parents to download another app - Parents can access StudentPayPlus via an app they already use. It streamlines the ordering and cashless payment process, allowing parents to make hassle-free payments via the Sentral for Parents App or their browser. Transparent payment records and reorder functionalities enhance the user experience, alleviating administrative burdens for parents and schools.

How does it make parents' lives easier?

For parents, the benefits are numerous. StudentPayPlus ensures a cashless, hassle-free experience, eliminating the need for loose change every morning. With one secure login for all children's orders, even across different schools, parents can conveniently manage accounts through the Sentral for Parents App. The platform's transparent payment records and set & forget functionality provide peace of mind, making the entire process effortless.

Outdated Manual Processes - An Opportunity for Change

To illustrate the transformative impact of StudentPayPlus, let's explore a real-world example. An independent co-educational school in Sydney’s West faced challenges with an outdated manual ordering system, leading to lost orders, student complaints, and a cumbersome cash-handling process.

“It required… a lot of human resources to do that. So, we were using old-school brown paper bags. What [...] transpired from that method, was we'd have students coming to the canteen saying they placed an order, but it had gone missing. There was no way of actually establishing if there was a brown paper bag.” Amy C, Head of Business Operations, Independent School in Western Sydney.

Upon implementing StudentPayPlus, the school experienced efficiency gains, accuracy improvements, resource savings, and time savings. The transition from cash to an online platform streamlined processes, making order management faster and more efficient. Positive outcomes were observed in terms of parent engagement, and the platform successfully addressed the challenges faced by the school's canteen operations.

“There's no more cash handling so that's taken that off our accounts team”.

"I have loved the StudentPayPlus online platform for our canteen ordering. It has certainly taken the burden off our human resources."
Amy C, Head of Business Operations, Independent School in Western Sydney.

Click here to read the full case study.

Sentral's StudentPayPlus is the answer to the question ‘Whatever happened to operational simplicity?’, it offers cashless convenience, and effortlessly connects schools and parents. 

I'm excited to bring this product to the market, knowing it will revolutionise school vendor operations and provide unmatched value to our customers.’ Erica Easton, Product Owner - StudentPayPlus, Sentral


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