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Six common myths about using student placement software to make your class lists


Using software to create new primary school class lists can be a big leap for schools that have been using sticky notes, student cards and spreadsheets.

Students aren't numbers!

"Creating classes is an incredibly human and personal thing to do, you can’t get a computer to do it!"
"Teachers know their students better than an algorithm!"

The creators of our Class Creator module are teachers and parents, so we completely agree!

Our goal is not to replace educators, but to empower them with all the tools they need to make the best placement decisions possible.

As a tool, Class Creator provides educators with easy editing of the class lists with real-time feedback of class demographics and placement alerts to ensure the teacher's recommendations are met. This means educators can make the classes they want without the stress and worry of making mistakes.

Making great classes is as much an art as it is a science.

It costs money.  We can do it for free!

"Why should I pay money for something I can do for free?"

Schools can certainly make classes using pen and paper or a spreadsheet for "free". However, making classes the old way will likely cost many schools more money through the time and stress it causes. The sad fact is an educator's time is almost always undervalued. Teachers and principals often spend hours, days, even weeks making classes (or dealing with the aftermath) but these hours are often seen as "free". Class Creator helps schools save money by saving time:

Short-term savings of using software

  • Easy data collection via online surveys. (≈ 1 hour per teacher)
  • Balanced classes created in a click. (≈ 1 hour per grade level)
  • Easy editing with real-time feedback. (≈ 2 hours per grade level)
  • No more data entry of student cards/spreadsheets. (≈ 1 hour per grade level)
  • Simple to use, no teacher training required. (≈ 30 minutes per teacher)

Medium-term savings of using software

  • No placement mistakes = Fewer disgruntled students/parents/teachers. (≈ 1 hour per mistake avoided)
  • Easy to update and edit when students arrive/depart your school. (≈ 30 minutes per student)

Long-term savings of using software

  • Better classes = A better year for students, teachers, parents and leadership. (≈ weeks/months)
  • History is saved, easy to access, and automatically alerts you of mistakes. (≈ 3+ hours per year)

Our Commitment

At Sentral, we understand school budgets are tight. We understand that the money you spend on a Class Creator subscription is money you can't spend on other things. That's why we truly respect your decision if you decide to use Class Creator and we have full confidence our software solution will deliver great value to your school.

Our school is unique

"Our parent community needs to have an input"
"Our school needs to incorporate religious considerations"
"We have an exceptionally high number of (insert characteristic) students"
"We live in a transient community, so our classes change a lot over the summer"

After working with thousands of educators from all over the world we know...every school is unique.

Granted, some schools are more unique than others :-)

Class Creator has been designed to be flexible enough to meet the needs of most schools. There are a LOT of customisations you can make to the software and how you implement it in a school. It's very rare that we have not been able to find a solution that fits the needs of a school.

Every school is unique. They may be very similar in many areas, but they have their own specific requirements due to location, demographics, funding, government regulations, etc.

Our teachers have a lot of input into student placements

"Our teachers make our class lists. They actively discuss the needs of individual students to ensure they are placed in the correct class"

Absolutely! We have done the same thing.

The Class Creator module doesn't replace those conversations it enables them by providing an amazing lens through which to view your classes. Everything is displayed in a user-friendly way so educators can see an overview of the year group and the individual student's needs.

This is one area where schools vary significantly. Some schools allow very little teacher input, while others give teachers full control. Class Creator caters for both of these scenarios, and everywhere in-between. Teachers can be granted Team Leader access to create classes, it can be completely left up to school leadership to make placement decisions or a combination of both.

Class Creator empowers educators. Never before have educators had all the information they need in such a user-friendly format.

We don't have time to start something new!

"My teachers are so busy, I can’t ask them to learn a new system"

What is more precious to schools than money? Time
What is even more precious to schools than time? Staff Morale

We understand that starting something new in a school is a HUGE undertaking for many reasons. That's why we have spent a long time working with teachers to make Class Creator so easy to use.

For more information on Class Creator, click here.

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