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The new Sentral for Parents App: rebuilt for 2020

Sentral is excited to announce the launch of the new Sentral for Parents app. Completely rebuilt from the ground up, the Sentral for Parents app hosts a fresh new look with improved functionality.

The new app offers a significantly better experience for users and was rebuilt based on extensive school and user feedback. The app now supports a seamless experience with the Sentral Parent Portal, offering access to all features from the convenience of a mobile device. Schools can now activate Parent Portal features in the app including

  • Newsfeed – stay up to date with school announcements
  • Absences – notify the school of absences and specify the reason
  • Messages - communicate with teachers easily via 2-way messaging
  • Calendar – key dates and important events
  • Interviews – view, book and manage parent / teacher interviews
  • Payments – a secure mobile payment method for school fees, excursions and more.
Sentral gratefully acknowledges the work of several schools who have taken part in comprehensive pilot testing for the app, with special thanks to two schools in Victoria. A combination of proactive stakeholder engagement and rigorous testing has resulted in an app that streamlines communication between schools and parents.

Sentral believes the new app will provide a significant value addition to all schools using the Sentral platform. The initial feedback is overwhelmingly positive, and Sentral will continue to drive improvement through regular updates and improvements. As a part of this announcement, the team at Sentral is very pleased to share this endorsement by Anne-Maree Kliman, President of the Victorian Principal’s Association.
Anne-Maree Kliman VPA President

"Sentral has been helping schools work smart for over 20 years now. They support schools right across Australia including a large number here in Victoria. By constantly developing the platform they’ve lived up to their mission to help teachers and students be the best they can be. The new Sentral for Parents mobile app is another example of their commitment to continuously improving their products and services to schools. Completely rebuilt using school and parent feedback, and rigorous pilot testing with two Victorian schools, the new Sentral for Parents app is better than ever. I strongly encourage our Victorian Sentral schools to embrace the new app and take full advantage of the improved functionality it offers."

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