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Dr Pete Stebbins teacher wellbeing and high performing teams in schools


Despite the increasing focus on teacher wellbeing and performance, schools are underutilising their greatest resource: teacher collaboration time.

Dr Pete Stebbins, renowned Australian Psychologist who specialises in High Performance Teams, speaks to Sentral station about his latest book: 'Leading Flourishing Schools, Building High-Capacity School Culture'. In this interview, Dr Pete reveals his findings: "the physical amount of time teachers in teams get to meet, is the single largest predictor of collective efficacy and capacity". The good news is that 'tiny tweaks', like structuring meaningful meetings and implementing 'ten-minute team boosters', can create high performing teams and improve the overall school culture.

To hear the full interview with Dr Pete Stebbins, listen on:



To access free resources for your next team meeting, visit Dr Pete Stebbins’ website.

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