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Introducing a seamless integration between Life Skills GO and Sentral!


Rich learner profiles for attendance, wellbeing and emotion check-ins – all in one place!

Take your roll call within Sentral to the next level by measuring your students’ emotional state and readiness to learn in real-time! This simultaneous emotional check-in can be taken alongside your daily roll call or any-time during the school day to provide insightful, actionable student wellbeing data.

Integrated within Sentral, the Life Skills GO platform supports all students, teachers and school leaders by measuring students’ emotional wellbeing and readiness to learn, to help achieve the best learning outcomes. Measurement and tracking are supported by resources for students and teachers to identify, communicate, regulate and manage needs and minimising disruptions.


Set up Classes for Successful Learning with Life Skills GO within Sentral:

  • Evidence-based improvements in attendance, reducing behavioural issues and improving academic outcomes.
  • Provide educators with the tools to monitor, measure and report students’ emotional state and readiness to learn.
  • Lay the foundations of emotional literacy. The Emotion Check-in Tool helps students learn how to identify and communicate emotions, helping create a common language and giving agency to students.
  • Help students self-regulate their emotions and achieve readiness to learn in far less time.
  • Allow teachers to move into a preventative space to reduce classroom disruptions.


What are the benefits of using Life Skills GO within Sentral?

  • Reduced workload for teachers collecting attendance and wellbeing data.
  • Improved reporting functionality with combined attendance and wellbeing data for holistic learner profiles.
  • Real-time reporting to enable teaching staff and leadership to identify correlations between emotional states and incident reporting. Proactive planning helps move schools into a preventive space to adapt teaching styles and lesson types according to emotional states.
  • Adding context to incident reports adds to the background history of why certain incidents occurred.
  • Emotional check-ins available any time of day, not just at the beginning of class.
  • Flexibility of Emotional Check-in locations no longer restricted to the classroom as teachers have access to Sentral on their mobile devices in the playground.



Life Skills GO Expression of Interest

The Life Skills GO integration is available to Sentral customers. Click here to register your interest and find out more information based on the wellbeing needs of your school.



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