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Notifications to parents made easy

There are many instances when parents need to be informed or updated with information from their childs school. Maybe the bus is returning late from an excursion, a child is absent, the school is closed due to a freak weather event or a lockdown is in progress and parents need to be informed.

In this digital age, everyone expects real-time communications. However, managing real-time notifications can be cumbersome and costly. If you’re relying on email, these can be easily missed or siphoned into the junk folder.

Sentral’s Messaging module offers bulk text and email capability, that can be managed both on and off-site from a computer or tablet device. Templates and cohort filtering make it easy to send out information quickly to the whole school, a targeted group or individuals so staff can get back to their most pressing tasks quickly.

Some key features and benefits include:

✔ Messaging is linked into the Attendance module to facilitate a semi-automated daily text message personalised for parents with children absent from school.

✔ Messaging leverages sporting and excursion groups from the Activities module to send permissions notes and reminders via bulk email.

✔ Reduce parent ‘notice fatigue’ by targeting messages to relevant groups and individuals. Distribution groups can be made on the fly or saved for future use.

✔ Two-way text messaging allows parents to provide absence reasons and schools that take a dedicated SMS messaging number can receive unsolicited messages (eg not just replies to messages sent but new messages) from parents advising of absences or other important information.

✔ Student reports can be emailed to parents, providing them an PDF copy they can reprint on demand. This eliminates costly printing and postage and saves considerable staff administration time as well.

If you are interested in learning more about how Sentral can help with your schools administration and student management tasks, call us for a demonstration.

Phone (02) 9029 3993

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