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Sentral keeps moving forward in uncertain times

Uncertainty is one of the key themes for 2020. Whilst we can never really be sure of what’s around the corner, COVID-19 throws challenges and curve balls at us every day. Just when we think we’re beginning to understand it, the disease presents us with something new. Reports of the economic impacts of the pandemic are also mixed. Some businesses are thriving whereas others are struggling or failing.

At Sentral, the mission remains clear and unhindered; to help students and teachers be the best they can be. Several key projects have demonstrated that so far in 2020.
Given the impacts of COVID-19, the NSW Department of Education issued new guidelines for Semester 1 academic reporting. In close collaboration with the NSW Primary Principal’s Association, Sentral quickly assessed the options available to NSW Primary Schools and made a recommendation for best practice. Specially designed report templates were developed to meet the DoE requirements. They were freely distributed to schools within a very tight timeframe. The joint effort between multiple teams within Sentral, and the NSW Primary Principal’s Association delivered a result that achieved massive efficiency gains for NSW primary schools.

The new Sentral for Parents app was also launched in Term 2 this year. Rebuilt from the ground, the app enables better communication between teachers and parents at a time when good communication is more important than ever. Parents can more easily stay informed about events at school through the enhanced newsfeed and calendar functions. And 2-way messaging within the app helps parents communicate directly with teachers.

Sentral has actively engaged in upgrading many Department of Education schools to the cloud-based version of Sentral. Given the rapidly changing circumstances faced by schools this year due to COVID-19, Sentral in the cloud offers a solution with greater functionality that is accessible at any time from any device. Hosted on Microsoft Azure, Sentral in the cloud offers best in class security and privacy.

These three projects have been delivered at a time of significant disruption across all industry sectors. The highly adaptable nature of the Sentral team has ensured continued success for its customers, delivering superior outcomes in all aspects of school management. It demonstrates that Sentral continues to achieve its mission despite the challenges faced locally and globally.
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