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Not all heroes wear capes! Sentral takes their development heroes for a night at the movies with Avengers: EndGame
In what was the busiest period yet for Sentral, finding a balance between work and everyday life can be a challenge for some.
Sentral takes servers to the cloud!
For decades many organisations and educational institutions relied heavily on physical servers to store data, communicate with each other and access resources easily.
The role of the cloud in helping schools move towards an agile future
Technology has impacted almost every aspect of life today, and education is no exception. School IT administrators, principals and teachers are acutely aware of the need to rise to the demands of ever-evolving technology to ensure they work smarter, faster and are able to seamlessly run a school management system.
Global Payments Acquires Sentral a Leading Provider of School Software
MEDIA RELEASE - Global Payments Acquires Sentral, a Leading Provider of Cloud-Based School Administration Software Solutions in Australia
Teachers call for reduction in administration according to survey
91% of teachers in NSW reported administrative demands were a major hindrance to their core job according to a University of Sydney survey conducted in July 2018.
Education and technology adoption delivering industry empowerment in the classroom.
Education software exists to drive the education industry to greater efficiency, so it can be said teachers of today are being empowered by technology more than ever before to help develop student academic performance.
Keeping track of student data
“Class Builder is a game changing tool”says Geoff Byers, CEO of Sentral Education.
Technology can reverse declining teacher numbers – Geoff Byers, CEO – Sentral Education

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Notifications to parents made easy
There are many instances when parents need to be informed or updated with information from their child's school.
Streamline reporting to parents and get back to teaching
Reporting student progress to parents is something all teachers and schools want to do well, though the time and effort involved in the process of generating individual student reports is stressful and exhausting.
Managing Student Medication in Schools
School staff tell us that managing, administering and dispensing prescribed medications for students in their care requires staff training and a forensic level of administration and attention to detail.
Moving away from paper-based school management systems
Two years ago, Port Broughton Area School was spending a lot of time and effort on daily administrative processes. Teachers and administration staff were in need of a more automated and integrated solution.
Sentral Education founders nominated as Technology Entreprenuers by The Pearcy Foundation
Sentral Education founders Geoff Byers and Peta Byers nominated as Technology Entreprenuers by The Pearcy Foundation.
Schools & Data Management
Sentral has brought on a strategic investment partner in Armitage Associates to continue to support and drive ongoing growth.
Improving Student Behaviour
For any school to provide the best possible learning environment for all students, the thorny issue of managing and improving student day-to-day behaviour needs to be addressed.
Sentral and Armitage Associates join forces
Sentral has brought on a strategic investment partner in Armitage Associates to continue to support and drive ongoing growth.


Hear how Sentral helps schools work smart

The Sentral Station podcast hosts discussions on education to help elevate positive messages and approaches to improve outcomes.